Is it Worth It?

I was asked why I was so into health/fitness and happiness. Why I spend so much time in the gym or at bootcamps, why I would met someone at 5am on Monday to try to help & encourage them be a little healthier, why I eat the way I do (trust me there is plenty of pizza and cereal involved).  My response was “ So my outside can match my inside. So when the next person tells me or shows me that I’m not worth it, I will not allow one second of time or one ounce of energy to be spent believing it. I will know and be able to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt- that I am worth it. “

I am worth taking the time to take care of my body to be healthy and happy. I am worth the time training to be prepared for all that life has to offer. I want to be ready and equipped for whatever it is I was created to be and to do, by my Maker. I am worth talking to, caring for and thinking of. I am worth considering and including. I am worth making memories and growing old with. And so are you! So if you’ve never been told or shown that – You are now aware. If you have forgotten, you are now reminded.

So when someone doesn’t choose to show you your worth – You choose You!

Choose to invest in you. Choose to increase your value by genuinely being who you are and who you were meant to be. This value doesn’t come from your job, your paycheck, your house, your status, your relationship or your back account. Because all those things can change or be taken away without your consent or control.

But you- who you were created to be- your heart, your desires, your drive, your devotion, your honesty, your love, your wisdom and your influence & impact- that is yours. That is you. And that’s worth hanging on to. That’s worth focusing on. That’s worth investing in.

So know your worth, invest in your worth. Because if you don’t value yourself, how do you expect someone else to?

Speaking for myself, and maybe for some of you- I’m no where near perfect, but I know I’m worth it…

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