Time to Think at 40,000 ft.

Recently I spent some time on a airplane flying from one side of the country to the other. Normally a travel no-no, I sat at my seat with a sheet of paper and a pen- no headphones, no book, no magazine. My method for this madness was the thought I would have this huge epiphany of philosophical insight. To be honest this is the first time I had sat still in weeks and wasn’t running off of coffee that counted as meals, and substituting showers with baby wipes, deodorant & dry shampoo (just keeping it real ya’ll)

And I waited—nothing… and entire cross-country flight and the only insight I had was doodles and a to-do list for work when I got back to NC.

When I got back home I found myself underwhelmed by my daily life. Where was the excitement, the adventure, the purpose and the fulfillment?? My job was at a period of downtime (which I should have been extremely grateful for) but my life in general felt like downtime too…Nothing was bad or even wrong, but I was missing the feeling of something great, so what wasn’t I doing right?

I jumped into planning my next adventure and even in the midst of that excitement the thought occurred: Until then, is life just going to be a mediocre, work and daily stuff with an occasional friend get together (if I’m lucky) and that’s it???

As I looked up to the water before me it occurred to me: my surroundings may be the same, but once you travel and then come back- it’s you that has changed. It’s not the destination or the location that changes you- it’s your experiences and your perspective that alters who you are and your take on life.

So instead of wasting my time wishing my I was off on a adventure in a far off land (don’t get me wrong I’m going to experience as many of those as I possibly can) in between flights and miles on the road—I want to use my experience and perspective to make everyday an adventure no matter where I am. Its running across the bridge dripping wet with sweat while watching a sunset, it’s laughing until you cry, it’s sitting under the stars or even under Christmas lights you’ve hung on your rooftop, its riding with the windows down blasting your favorite song and dancing ANYWHERE there’s any type of music on. It’s taking in the sights and sound off the beauty that surrounds us everyday but often gets overlooked. Each and every day we get the chance to truly live out a life of adventure if we choose.

Sometimes the adventures are meant to be solo- to reflect and to learn and grow on your own, to prepare you for the next big one or to give you focus for a new direction. But sometimes I think we are meant to invite others on our adventures.-To help make their day an adventure too. Unfortunately most of us have experienced the harsh reality of the world’s and other’s rejection, & comparison—so be the answer to that for someone. Include them in your life’s adventure. If they join then it’s double the fun with twice the excitement. If they choose not to, then your adventures weren’t meant for them and that’s ok too – either way you’ve got some awesome living to do.

So here’s to all the big and foreign adventures- may they give you experience, show you perspective and change your soul. But more importantly here’s to the adventures you make each day, in all that you do, as you share those experiences by using that perspective to be truly you. It’s selfish to keep that to yourself. So invite others to join, but even more that that learn to love how you can grow into each and every day as life can be an adventure throughout the entire way…..

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