Not where I thought I’d be at 33

Yes I have no shame in my age. I survived each and every one of those years. Anyone that knows me will attest I sure don’t act it and my goal is to not look it…

In my family, birthdays are a reason to CELEBRATE!! (actually we look for any excuse to get together, have food and fun- but birthdays are a good one we look forward to) It’s also like a personal new years of reflection & resolutions.

This year instead of cake this year it was frozen yogurt & fruit (fitness goals), instead of a huge party it was family surprising me for an afternoon visit. Instead of sleeping in, it was early morning bootcamp and teaching preschool summer camp. Instead of crazy crowds celebrating, it was a few sweet cards and some saltwater therapy.

This year was very different. But I’m learning different isn’t bad. This year I celebrated with those that are there with me more than just one day their phone, facebook or calendar reminds them of. I had facetime with some of favorites and smiled at the sweet text messages throughout the day. I didn’t really need a crazy celebration because, well lets be honest my everyday life is crazy enough and I have learned there is something worth celebrating everyday!

Looking back over the past “few” years (i’m gonna be like wine and just getter with time) I’ve done a lot I never planned on doing and have so much left to do. My life looks nothing like I thought it would. There are parts that have been better than I ever could have imagined – the people placed in my path that I never would have otherwised crossed if I hadn’t made a lil detour. I’ve seen places I would have never thought to travel to on my own, all because I said Yes to most any adventure that was offered my way. I’ve felt on top of the world and know what it’s like to have your own lil world fall apart. But here I am. Me at 33. To be honest I wouldn’t change a thing. Sure I should have done some things different- but then I might not be here and I wouldnt be the same me. So for the next 33 and many more years- my hope, my goal, is to look back every birthday and be able to honestly say “well I never thought it would’ve gone that way”. I have learned to embrace the twist and turns in life. I’ve learned that simple conversations lead to life changing decisions, that smiles and hellos matter more than we know, that part time jobs lead to purpose and impact and that if you’re passionate about something and called to do it-it will sound and look crazy to everyone else but that just means it’s meant specifically for you and not them. I’ve learned that rejection is redirection, value cant be based on others and opinions aren’t consistent.

At 33 I have met a new me, I’ve looked back and moved on. I’ve lived and tried to learn. I’ve held tight and had to let go. I’ve tried to prepare and then just had to go with the flow.

My birthday wish is that everyday I become closer to the me my creator made me to be and each year to be amazed and just what that means….


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