I refuse to UnChristmas

After the chaos has calmed down the celebrations have been had- there’s a stillness and a quiet. All this build-up and then it’s over… back to the rest of the year.

Well this year- it’s been a different start…. To begin, after one day back to “normal” a snowpocolypse hit my lil Eastern NC town – yes the grocery stores were out of milk, break and all that will spoil in your house if the power goes out…. and roads, businesses and schools were shut down for 7 days due to about 5-6inches of fluffy frozen flakes. To parents with children, cabin fever was the nicest term to use. To employees like me, we saw our paychecks dwindling by the day.

Despite all this adultness – I got to be a little kid on Christmas-checking the windows every 5 minutes and up without any alarm to layer up with warm clothes and head out to check out the town under it’s newly fallen white blanket. To see the river and the old buildings covered in stark sparkles as the sun shown brighter than ever off the snow. To see where crowded parking lots were, instead a field of snow perfect to play in; and to hear pure silence where you normally hear train whistles and the conversations of people passing by.

I was in awe of the sights, sounds and stillness that surrounded me. The tress sparkled, the air was crisp, the water was still and shiny like glass, and I would say I felt warm and fuzzy inside but it honestly probably was because I had created a sauna suit with layers of clothing. It felt like a little piece of Christmas had come about 2 weeks late…

But as the plows head down the road, the sun comes out, and the sparkles fade away does that mean the magic, the beauty and the spirit melt away with it?

Why don’t we notice the scenery everyday- in every sunrise or sunset, why don’t we make the time to visit with family on a random Saturday or bake cookies for no reason (only if you make enough to share!) Why does it take a hallmark-marked holiday on a calendar to get you to stop and read or think about a story that ties a special baby to the entire world? Why do children get to be the only ones excited and believe in the magic and spirit that adults ignore and sometimes even turn their noses up to? Why do people smile a little bigger and laughter sound a little sweeter in the month of December? Why is it life is a little brighter and happier only once a year??

Welp this year – I’m not waiting until December for things to be magical. I’m not waiting to  smile or travel and spend time with people that have a special place in my heart. To search for gifts for people because they mean something to me. To bake goodies that make my house smelling amazing- and yes they will be to share. To cuddle up on fuzzy socks under blankets to watching my favorite movies while drinking hot chocolate. To care about others and to remember why each day is so special and a part of a bigger picture…

So if you happen to drive by a little apartment downtown and see Christmas lights still on–it’s because it’s still Christmas here. And it will be all year…..

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