I am no lawyer and only watched Law and Order a few times. So I’m going to do my best to cover what I’m claiming and what’s not my issue to deal with (trust me I have enough issues of my own)….

I’ll Claim (mostly):

  • These are my opinions and thoughts. They represent me -no one else. As I grow, learn and change they might too. I will do my best to make sure any information posted on here is true enough that I try/use/test it myself before passing it along to you. –However what you think, say and do with/about it, is all on you!!
  • I am human and make mistakes- more that most people actually. I was never an English teacher, so any grammatical or spelling errors – I’m owning up to them. (if it wasn’t for spell check “grammatical” would have been misspelled.) So for those that cringe at the lowercase “i”, or the incorrect use of the ; or run on sentences (like how i did that?) This is NOT the blog for you. As much as I would love for you to be a part of it, I cherish your sanity…. so don’t read every post. But you’re welcome to read a post when you’re in a good mood, looking for some entertainment and not a paper to grade, perhaps while relaxing and enjoying an adult beverage.
  • When I borrow words, pictures or ideas, I will give them credit. I ask that you do the same.
  • Words are powerful things. I sometimes forget to filter my words and then realize if I would have just rearranged or swapped a few out, I could have made the same point but avoided the negativity they brought to both the people seeing/hearing them and myself. So I will keep others in mind when I post, if you would please do the same if you choose to comment.

On Someone Else:

  • I will do my best, but claim no responsibility of who links to me. Their products, advertisements or opinions are in no way connected to mine – unless i say they are LOUD and CLEAR.
  • Personal offense is never intentional on this blog ( I wish I could say I live my life that way everyday, but I’m working on it)  My goal here is to grow, learn and fulfill my purpose. My hope is that I can help others do the same. I will not be responsible for your guilty conscious getting a hold of you. That’s on you and don’t blame me or my words making you feel bad. But if they do; and you’re ready to face the reason for your feelings, I’ll be here to love you, encourage you and walk along next to you as we figure out what we do from here to not get stuck being who we are and start being who we are meant to be.

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